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Goodwood December 1st 2014


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I am sorry that this announcement is so late coming, but it has not been straight forward this year.

We are going to join forces with our friends CSMA this year and we are welcome to join them on their day at Goodwood on Monday 1st December.  The price for non CSMA members is £160 and additional drivers are free. As the event is run by CSMA you can come in cars other than Triumphs, but of course they are preferred.

Full details, booking instructions and directions are available at


When you have booked please will you note your name and car below. Any questions either PM me or ask in the thread below.

Thanks very much, Chris

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Hi Tom

It was a good day.  The weather held off.  A bit cold but dry.  3 People with CT connections:  James with his red Spitfire, Peter Paint no longer with TR7 but with MR2 Mk2 and me with my friend Tim in his MX5 Mk2.

The other cars were mixed and varied but mostly quite modern.  Your TR6 would have been amongst the quickest, but not the quietest   :-/.

Sorry you were not there.

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