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Searching for carb diaphragm


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Got your email, but as your car was never available in New Zealand I'm not really much help to you.

Spoken to Mr Google and can only suggest that as it's basically a Honda motor you need a Keihin service kit DA 76B from a Honda dealer.

Best I can suggest.



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It's a few years now since we sold our last Acclaim, but even then most of the knowledge was to be found on F*cebook - a platform that I personally want nothing to do with, though I believe there's an active Acclaim group to be found on there. I did hear a rumour that someone had found a source of carb bits so it may be worth asking there, they've been unobtainium via the usual UK channels for years now - I always thought it a shame that BL used the Honda setup complete, if they'd bothered to work up a manifold for a pair of SUs then Acclaims would be more practical cars now.


I agree with Tony though, we have found old-school Honda dealers to be helpful when stuck for parts in the past, it's surprising what can be gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. Worth asking anyway, if one isn't interested another might be.

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