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2Spec Classics

Tim Bancroft

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2Spec is run by longstanding CT member Paul Hughes. I visited him on Sat to drop of an overdrive Saloon box, a TR6 diff and a Spittie 3.63 diff all for overhaul.

It was amazing to see the amount of stuff there, Atlas live axles for Escorts, Alfa Romeo gearboxes, just loads of car stuff. Plus Paul is undertaking the build of a mk1 Cortina and a late Mini. He also had two Dolomite Sprints there (both his...the red one being his infamous RBRR/10CR plus autosolo car) a neu class BMW, a first model 3 series BMW, a Stag and his 2000 mk1.

Paul is building up a great reputation as a go to man for transmission work. 


I must add that I have no connection with Paul, I just think good guys who do good work should be spoken about.

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My LSD using a blackline unit and 3.27 gear set build by 2spec didn't go very well but it was the first one they had done. pinion bearings failed after 2000 miles and looked like they had been over loaded when setting the preload. the bearings we not Timkin but were good quality Japanize bearings.  the carrier bearings were Timkin and still in good condition apart from all of the silver swarf generated by the failed pinion bearings making them unusable. The diff was very noisy from the start and the oil was silver on both oil changes. The diff has now been rebuilt using a crownwheel and pinion from a dolomite 1850 auto (3.27) and a full set of Timkin bearings. I haven't fitted it to the car as yet but will be doing so in about 3 weeks time.




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