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Painting the cylinder head?


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Just got my head back from the engineering co. Looks all nice n clean, as was bead blasted and acid cleaned. Is it fine to keep it like this, or is it worth painting?? Not sure what to do with this and how easy it would be to paint it well? Spray or brush on? what temp paint required etc? I have some Simoniz engine enamel which I've been using on various items, timing covers, dynamo.... This gives a very good finish.


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before ye paint it, give it a good file, emery flapp wheel,or belt sander, get the high spots off.
then it will look smooothe, not look like its got grit on it.

Note,it takes ages to dry, but if ye put it int oven at low temp to cure, then moer coats can be put on sooner.

NOTE, send err indoors out whilst its slow cooking, they generally moan a bit about things like this. :-/ :-/


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