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Fitting Master cylinder rubber boots - help!

Lucky 13

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I'm (very slowly) making progress getting the car back together and have just finished replacing parts onto the bulkhed. This includes replacement rubber boots for the brake and clutch master cylinders.

But I just can't seem to get them seated properly into the holes above the pedals - After spending hours trying, with lubrication and lots of swearing!!

Any advice would be very welcome...........

Cheers               John

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The car came with a 2.5 unit fitted from a 250S - more torque but no more power.... it's been fully rebuilt with reground crank, new pistons, lead free valve inserts, etc, etc, so I'm hoping it will be sound once everything's back together.

The expansion tank is from an Astra, to go with the Golf rad (purists look away now!)

Thanks for the hair dryer tip, I'll give it a go.

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I had same trouble. If the material is quite hard its akward to work. I left them soaking in some boiled water but even when pliable they were still tricky. You will probably still need to use some kind of screwdriver like tool to 'poke & pull' them into position with hair dryer of heat gun nearby for when the material begins to harden up.

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Thanks for the replies - I'll have another go tomorrow - silicon spray, hot air gun or hair drier (if the wife's out) as I'd be worried about over heating the rubber and deforming it with the hot air gun. Maybe try it out on the old ones first....

I'll let you know if I'm successful


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