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Hi all, i have just been looking through my herald manual, and it would appear that there is no adjustment for the clutch, am i correct?

The problem is that the clutch is dragging, so when you depress the clutch to change gear, it always crunches the gears.

any ideas on how to solve this?

Cheers, Tom

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check carpet is not restrictling pedal travel;
Bleed the slave cyl, check nipple is on top   ie.   higher than the pipe
check wear in clevis pin/ fork and hole in top of pedal, also the pedal pivot shaft has not seized and worn the pedal bracket.
then all ok then check hydraulic seals ,
if all else fails you can get the pedal a little higher to start with by slotting the 4 cyl bracket mounting holes and moving it   forwards  1/2 a hole, do not elliminate the push rod free play there must be 1/16" free play to ensure the Mcyl recuperates   Pete

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Common problem nowadays, particularly since some bright spark up the supply chain decided a redesigned clutch could be substituted for the original. Result is that many cars have a clutch with a shallower cover, so there is a greater distance between it and the release bearing. That gives a lot of dead travel, so the slave piston self-adjusts so it's rest position is halfway down the bore.
Easiest fix is to move the slave cylinder forward in it's mounting, usually by widening the locating slot for the pinchbolt on the side of the cylinder. This returns the rest position of the piston to a more sensible place at the upper end of the bore. It's not elegant, but a necessary evil. A proper solution would be to make a taller carier for the release bearing, but that needs removal of the gearbox and the use of a lathe.....

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