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Joe Wright 3696

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I've recently replaced the engine in my mk1 2000 with a 2500S engine. Consequently the 2000 engine is now sitting unused.

When it came out it was a decent running unit, unmodified (as far as I know) apart from the head being converted to unleaded.

I know it's not what you said you wanted but it could be built up out of your car then swapped when ready. Just a thought, let me know if you're interested. 

P.S. I'm in Worcestershire 

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Thanks ever so much for your offer. Oddly enough someone else has offered me a mk 1 2000. I spoke to my Triumph mechanic about it and he said it would be easier and cheaper in the long run to build up the mk 2 2000 I already have or to find what I'm really after which is a 2.5. 

Thanks anyway.

Appreciated. All the best


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