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Hi, new owner of a GT6 Mk II. Loving it but a few electrical issues. Fuel gauge and Temperature dials keep failing and windscreen wipers at same time. I think a loose fuse because they come back every now and again. Are they all on the same circuit? Bruce

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if the Temp and Fuel gauges are playing up you may need a new Voltage Stabiliser


and it's only a 15 min job yours should be fixed to the back of the speedo 

it's easy to check you will have 12 volts 'coming in' and 10 volts 'going out'

you will need to disconnect this wire for a true reading

if you have a third wire I think it's a BLACK just an earth 


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The voltage stabiliser would not affect the wipers. Don't replace it with one of the modern crap ones unless you really know it's broken.

It does sound very much like a fuse problem. The green circuit does cover several other things, too, such as reversing lights and indicators, but the design of the fuse box is such that it can fail only half the circuit. There are two blades at each end of the fuse, not a single wrap-around one, which contributes to how shockingly poor they are.

Incidentally, it's the wipers I'd be worried about because, if it is a fuse problem, the brake lights will be non-functional too!

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