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loss of coolant - my car drives me crazy


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Dear all.

I'm desperatly looking for  help. I've changed my head gasket on my 2.0ltr TR7, so far so good. But there is this small tube between the inlet manifold an the waterpump, which really drives me crazy.

I've tried it 7 times, I've used small o-rings, large o-rings, thick o-rings, normal o-rings and o-rings made from special spaceship-rubber, as they had used on the Mars-Rover. I've used Hylomar and Wellseal as well but I'm not able to seal this fu***** tube properly.

Is there some kind of trick, or has anybody any idea, what is wrong? The tube is not original, but it looked exactly like the one I took out of the car.

Thanks for your help and stay healthy

Best regards


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They are a bitch to get sealed. Had no end of trouble on my 1850 Dolomite but it got there in the end. Check the condition of the inner faces of the holes in the water pump housing and the manifold. Make sure the tube plus O-ring fits snugly in each one separately. If it doesn't, that's your problem. If it looks good both ends, check that the holes line up so that the tube isn't being twisted.

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I think that was exactly what I did the last time, plus I've honed the inner faces of the holes in the waterpump and the manifold, but the car is still leaking. 

Maybe the tube does not sit deep enough in one of the holes, but if this is the failure, I have no idea how to measure or correct it.

I'm not far away from buying a MG... 


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What Rob said! plus:

Looking at your pictures it looks like the gap between the thermostat housing and the water pump cover looks on on the large side to me.

And are you sure the leak is from there? It might well be the large O-ring between manifold and cylinder head.

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