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SOX 999Y TR7 V8 Competition car

Jim S

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There have been a lot of dodgy TR7 adverts on Ebay - usually for an aquamarine blue version from multiple sellers and addresses but exactly the same photo....

The pictures are strange - most shots taken in a museum (or similar) and the one on trailer reminds me of the disused European customs post we drove through on a 10 CR.

No under bonnet or interior shots that couldn't have been taken from outside the car which made me suspicious. Seller is mainly given a good rating from his purchases so caveat emptor in my opinion



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Quoted from Pete Arnold-

Jim, look at the photos again.  I reckon the reg is actually SUX 999Y.

This vehicle is not recognised on Vehicle Tax website.  However enter reg on Vehicle MoT website and it comes up as a red TR7 showing that MoT expired in 1982.

According to the MOT site it was last MOT'd in 2009 and is a red TR7. Previous MOT's only show the usual minor issues - lights, breaks etc but between 2006 & 2008 MOT's it covered precisely ZERO miles so either the speedo was disconnected or it was moved to the test centre on a trailer.

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