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Hi All

My Mk2 Vitesse engine is on the bench having set the end float with new thrust washers. I decided to replace the front and rear engine plates with the aluminium versions but have to remove the timing chain etc. I was thinking of ways to lock the cam so that i don't have to reset the timing. The sump is off and I was thinking of wedging it with some wood. Is there a better way or shall i just let everything move and re-set the valve timing.



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dont assume whats in there is correct

   do a timing check as per the manual ,  before you strip it down   takes about 5 minutes to do
          you only need  a set of feelers to do this by setting the tappet gaps oversize
            if you dont have a manual let us know

         most ive come across are always wrong ,  



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Hi Thanks for the replies.

The head is off so decided to remove the timing chain and sprocket and reset the timing when i put it back together. Now thinking about fitting duplex kit from Canleys, I fitted a Kent Vernier kit to my spitfire years ago for fine tuning not really sure of the benefits of the duplex set up other than strength. As a future project I may stroke this block to 2.5 as the car is very original I would like to retain the engine number, that would require a duplex chain so I may just fit one now.


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