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Engine Mounts Ford Conversion

coventry kid

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Evening all.
A friend recently had his modern serviced, and spotted a Stag awaiting attention. Apparently, it has had a Ford Granada engine conversion some time ago, and the engine mounts are shot. The garage has tried Stag mounts and Granada mounts, and neither fit.
Has anybody experienced this conversion, and any clues as to which mounts would fit?
Cheers all.

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could be anything! The nature of many conversions is that they use whatever is to hand.

Can you post a picture?

When choosing engine mounts for my conversion (zetec in a spitfire) I used ebay as a place to view a huge variety of mounts. Modern stuff is usually too bespoke, but 80's and older offer rich pickings!

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Just a thought here. Many earlier fords used a round rubber mount with a bit of stud on either side. Very similar to landrover.
Often used in kitcars etc these days. If I were to lay a bet I would say that type is most likely....

But a picture is needed!

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