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Can one fit a J type overdrive box from a Saloon straight into a TR6?

Tim Bancroft

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Clutch plate is different. Maybe cover??

Box is the same length (I think) but I am unsure if the flange hole spacing are the same. But easy enough to sort out.

No idea about cross shaft and clutch release mechanism. Especially the bearing and carrier


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You have a TR6??!

You'll need a saloon clutch plate as the TR6 input shaft is bigger.

Propshaft should be the same.  Mounting arrangements might depend on the age of the TR6 and whether it came from the A-type or J-type era?  If early A-type era there may be complications (not a TR6 expert but ISTR reading of issues).

Speedo cable, wiring etc.


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Quoted from timbancroft61-

Thanks for the replies, chaps. Ended up getting an early TR6 with a A type.

Not sure what to make of these TRs, thought they were supposed to be brutal, reckon my GT6 is more hardcore!

Know what you mean.  I enjoy hassling TR6s with the Vitesse!  The small chassis cars certainly kick your ass harder.....


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TR6 hardcore? If you mean hard to drive, maybe. Compared to a GT6 or Spitfire everything is so much heavier, your left leg will be begging for mercy in a traffic queue. 

If you stick to standard suspension, they are more comfortable as the extra weight makes a big difference. Do not think of lowering it!!!

They are more "hardcore" if you go camping as the lack of luggage space compared to a Spitfire means a smaller tent.

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