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Which Thermostat for 1500spit?

spitfire moneypenny

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Hello again.
I’ve just bought a thermostat on ebay for my 1976 1500 spit, and just realised that the part number is GTS102 Hot Climate (summer) 74°C rather than Rimmers standard thermostat 82 °C GTS104. I am sure the ebay supplier won’t cause a problem if request a change, but wondered if it really makes much difference now-days and that’s why they were selling it. I will be driving it in the winter as well as summer and wondered what the general opinion was. Would it be best not to fit the Hot Climate GTS102 for all year use.?
Thanks for any views.

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The 74 will be fine for the summer. When the colder weather comes I'd suggest putting in something hotter ( 88 ). An 82 will be a sort of "all round" one to use.

I say this based on what I use in my Herald. I think I've got an 88 or a 92 in there right now which I don't plan on taking out for the summer unless I really need to.

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Good move to change it.

A 74 start-to-open thermostat will slow the warm up even in the summer and so:
a) Acids and condensation will hang around in the engine,
b) The pistons will take longer to expand to their full-fit dimensions and
c) The economy will suffer.

For the diesel engines that I was involved in, re: design and build, we fitted 82 thermostats in just about every engine other than some marine.  It has been close to standard fitment for many years, even for warmer climates.

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