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Painting Radiator


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You'll be fine with Nitromors

As long as you wash it down thoroughly afterwards it'll be neutralised
You might even decide to submerge it in some water afterwards to make sure you get water everywhere

I'd still want to give it a good hosing down as well though
You want to make sure the water gets between any dirt and gunk you might have between the fins

Personally though, I would think the biggest issue would be making sure you remove all the Nitromors afterwards

Neutralising it will be simple enough, but you'll have to make sure you get rid of all the sticky goo and have a nice clean surface for the paint to stick to

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I used it recently on some three piece alloy wheels that I'm part way through refurbishing

It took the clearcoat off the outer rims easily
But it didn't do anything to budge the paint on the wheel centres

If you buy any, buy a big tin as it's better value and you can have it sat on your shelf for quite a while too if I remember

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1337 wrote:
Nitromors have reformulated and it MIGHT not work on radiator paint.

There was a thread about this on the TSSC forum recently. Apparently the fomulation has changed to meet EU directives (!!!) and is now much less effective as a result. Instead of Halfords or similar, it might be worth trying small outlets where the supplies don't move off the shelves as quickly in the hope you get some of older type.

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Over the counter paint stripper as stated is now absolutely useless on car paint, especially cellulose. 6 years ago I easily stripped the whole of my car with Nitromors, bought some a few weeks ago to strip some wishbones, it just doesn't remove the paint at all, it's a waste of time. Seems it's now water based.

Your local car paint supplier may be able to sell you some solvent based stripper, but in my case only if their supplier has any! You may find some on Ebay, but the seller is only able to supply to the trade (wink, wink).

Good luck,


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