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Craig Gingell

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Other than getting an exchange radiator from the usual Triumph suppliers, anyone know where I can get my radiator re-cored locally in the Wiltshire area?

I entrusted my original radiator to an outfit in Melksham, but I wasn't happy with the standard of their work. I asked them to rectify the faults, but they didn't do any better. I'm now in the process of trying to get my radiator and my money back.

I've browsed Yellow Pages, but can anyone provide any recommendations.


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Spitfire4 wrote:
Yes, I am now the proud owner of a radiator my grandmother's cat could have done a better job at recoring.

Had my Jag rad re-cored by some nice chaps at the end of the A38 just into Bristol on the right hand side, right near the tyre places. If I could remember the name I'd be telling you right now Craig!
I'll see if I've got a receipt or something about the place. They were good.

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