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Overdrive gearbox mounting plates


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Hi all I am trying to fit an j type overdrive gearbox to my 13/60....I have fitted gearbox but mounting plate to chassis is about 6 inches out to gearbox.....its forward on closer inspection I think I have a d type gearbox mounting plate (looked it up on canleys) my question is...looking at j type mounting plate (again on Canleys) it looks smaller and mounting to chassis holes look as if they are a different too ........is this the right mounting plate, next question how do I move my engine forward about 10mm as the propshaft is too tight and will not turn
Any help gratefully received as I'm at my wits end with it now

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Are you using a vitesse prop? They fit with d type, but too tight for j type.

Best solution is to have the prop shortened.

However, I had the same issue years ago, and needed the car for work the next day. So I made some spacers to fit on the engine mounts from a bit of box steel. Think I had to space the rad forward too, but as I said, it was a long time ago.

Re mounting, I made mine, easy to cut/drill etc. But get the height correct!

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I have a Spit 1500 gearbox and J type overdrive on my 13/60. The correct mounting plate is available from Rimmers, I believe. 2 extra mounting holes have to be drilled through the chassis flange to fit it, and you need a shorter propshaft with the appropriate flanges, that is round type at gearbox and square at diff. Canleys can supply correct prop brand new for about £165 + delivery. Cheers, Dave. I'm assuming that you are trying to fit a Single rail box rather than a 3 Rail type, if not some of the above info might not apply!

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