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Vitesse Mk1 overdrive

Simon Wright

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Hi, New to this forum and though you might be able to provide me with a few answers to my questions
I have a Mk1 vitesse convertible with a Mk2 triumph 2000 engine and a GT6 gearbox with overdrive switch on gearknob.

Recently I have noticed that the first few times I use the overdrive on any journey in 3rd or 4th it takes 10 secs or so to engage and does so in a very drawn our way. Disengaging is much better/normal. After using the overdrive 3 or 4 times it switches in and out much more precisely and more like it use to do 1 year or so ago
Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

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off a gt6 i guess this is D type   (sol on rh drivers side,  Jtype on passengers side ....
D type you can get the solenoid slowing ,  not easy to remove the two screws but may need the plunger and bore getting a clean if Clives suggestion fails.

also remove the valve head in the top of the case make sure the small spool valve inside has a clear hole down it.,  

how to set the solenoid is in the workshop manual,  after cleaning filters etc,  operate sol, remove side plate, the lever has a hole which must align with a hole in the case using  drill as a gauge.

just adjust the end nut to align the holes

make sure the wires down the gear stick are not chaffed and breaking down to earth inside the stick.


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