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I want to replace all the rubber fuel hoses on my Herald with R9 spec but with quality stuff, not the cheap (possibly fake) stuff on eBay.

There is a VW place that is selling R9 on eBay which looks better to me and comes with 10 proper hose clips. It's ID is 5.6mm to suit 6mm pipe. I've measured an original Herald metal fuel pipe to be 6.35mm OD.

Is 5.6mm too small? Should I look harder for 6mm hose?

This is the item on eBay:

What do you recon?

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Today I replaced all the rubber hoses (one of which was over 20 years old) with 5.6mm R9 hose from AFS (on eBay)
Nice new stainless clips too and a nice glass and chrome filter at the tank end.

All successful, no leaks or overflowing float chambers.

Also started to use Frost's Ethnomix.

Time will tell.

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