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Where these carbs from ?


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Cant open then on my tablet , but  cd150 is correcf base carb for a 1600
you need needle 7B delete the piston spring and add a heavy diaprhagm weight

stick to oe air box you wont get a needle to run on pancake filters

look up the weight in places like burlen fuel sysytems

a damper spring will make it too rich

Use engine oil in the damper

you, do have the stromberg manifold ??  Same as mk 1 2ltr.

I converted my solex down drafts to  strombergs   you gain aprox 12bhp.

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yes came with a Stanpart manifold, looking at various diagrams on the Canleys website i am thinking they may be gt6 mk carbs. The manifold matches the GT6 one.

The bottom of the carbs has a large flat slot plug as opposed to a slot to screw the jet up. No temperature compensators either

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so these are adjusted from down the dashpot, and will be a biased needle ,, dont think  you will get a 1600 needle to suit it,

you may get away with 2ltr spec needles but may need to remove the spring , they are quite different in profile

whats on the car now ???


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