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Engine chatter above 3000 RPM


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My recommissioned MK II GT6 is bringing plenty smiles but she still doesn't sound as sweet as I remember.
> 3000rpm there is a "chatter" from the engine.... but only under load.

I can't replicate the noise when revving the engine stationary and it disappears no matter revs or speed if not on the throttle. It is evident when accelerating through the gears @> 3k  but most noticeable on a motorway run taking her above 70 in overdrive 4th as I gently take her beyond  our Motorway Speed Limit.

There doesn't seem to be any loss of power and she is capable of revving higher - although the noise cautions one not too.
The engine is 1998cc and mildly developed with a TR5 Cam and twin HS4's, Vitesse Lucas dizzy.

I have my own ideas but would really appreciate your thoughts before leading the discussion further. Thanks

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Quoted from cliftyhanger
Could be pinking? Regards the ignition a bit and see if it gets better.

This is good starting point.  Also bear in mind that pinking can be due to being too lean as well and 3000 rpm or so is likely to be where it really starts flowing air with that cam so possibly you need a different needle profile.  A rolling road session with an operator who understands SUs could save alot of guessing and mucking about.  HS4s could be marginal on that engine.


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