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front suspension mcpherson struts


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Hi all.
May be a stupid question but I had my stag jacked up at the front and removed the caps on the front suspension under the bonnet. When turning the wheel on one side the castle nut turns and on the other it doesn't. What should happen?

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Not really a silly question at all.  The castle nut should fix the strut piston rod to the inner part of the top mount.  The inner part turns inside the outer via a few bits of snugly fitting tubes.  If the lubrication between the tubes gets dry, they tend to seize.  The turning is then no longer performed by the top mount but rather the piston rod itself as it turns inside the insert cylinder housing.
This happens to a lot of cars with this design.  There are new parts available but you may get away with a good clean up and re-lube.
Another more costly and labour intensive method is to fit a roller bearing in the top mount.  I chose the replacement parts when rebuilding the suspension.
Remember, there is advice to squirt some oil into the top mounts under the rubber caps and it for this reason.


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