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Manual gearbox / clutch problem


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My 76 stag has been unused for the past two years due to lack of funds. Today I attempted to move it out of my garage in an effort to begin preparing it for the summer ahead. Starting it was no problem, trying to select a gear was impossible (manual od gearbox).

After researching a few posts on here I concluded that the clutch driven plate was most likely stuck to the flywheel. So after thoroughly warming up the engine I switched it off, depressed clutch hard down, selected reverse gear (the stag was forward facing in my garage) and attempted to start her up in the hope that the torque snatch of starting would cause the clutch plate to seperate from the flywheel. No luck with this although the car did move approx 3ft out of the garage, I then found that it was stuck in reverse gear and I couldn't move the gear lever.

So I jacked up the back end lifting the rear wheels clear of the ground (supported by additional axle stands) in an attempt to reduce the mechanical load on the gearbox, this worked as I was able to take it out of reverse and select any gear.
At this point the clutch still appears to be stuck and in addition the back brakes are locked solid despite not using the handbrake whilst laid up. Also there is a metallic clanging noise coming from the bell housing / gearbox area, this clanging of metal on metal increases in frequency with rise in engine speed when any gear is selected whilst the car is jacked up.

Has anyone come across this situation before, any suggestions as to what it may be or what damage I may have inflicted on the car and what I need to do to remedy it would be most welcome.

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First I would free the rear brakes. Jack up the back and with the wheels off try hitting the protruding ridge of the drum with a hammer or blunt chisel to try and drift the drum off the shoes.

I had this on mine, one side came off fairly easily, the other needed a bit of persuasion with a blowtorch to toast the drum.

The second one was a two man job.

Sounds like the gearbox may have to come off to investigate the metalic sound. I have freed off a GT6 clutch by starting it in gear and driving with one foot on the clutch and one foot on the brakes  ??)

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Thanks for the sound advice ref the brakes Richard, I have had this occur once before and deployed the hammer and chisel method to remove the drums.
So I should have looked for this first, guess I didn't learn from the previous experience.
I'll try to free the brakes up to get the car to roll and then I think it will be up to my local garage to look at the gearbox / clutch as I don't think that my arthritic hands are up to removing the box etc. Depends on wether they will take the job on or not.

Any experienced stag mechanics in the Banbury area?

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:) A quick update, my local garage baled out, went to another garage in Banbury called SAS developments. They have experience of working on other classics and yes a stag. To sum up new clutch and all other problems sorted including oil leaks on g/box & od and brakes. New mot equals one happy stag owner, great to drive it again after two years plus off the road.

So regarding the repairer, highly recommended if you need professional help. Incidentally I have no connection with the garage other than being a satisfied customer.   :)


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