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Poly rotoflex couplings

Gene Thomas

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Intresting.  as Lawrence says  ask in a few years.
OR, tell em you will be a guinee Pig, to try em out.
there is alott of stress goes thru these.  bendy strees as weel as torque stress.
so they gotta be as good as the rubber type.

I cant see the actual poly wotsit giving way, it will be where its glued,just like the rubber ones doo.
Ive never seen a rubber one split that isnt where a inter leaf is.

I wonder how much testing has been done on thees.!!!


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intresting Gaz,  night shift quiet,(think)(whistle)

I cant see any with a bigg gap between holes, but that no mean there aint any, just I aint seen em.

I wonder if they can take the twist that a ROTO gets when its jacked up,or compressed in the suspension range.!!

Anywhere near Andy in Ozz, may he could find some thing oot for us all.


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