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Spitfire 1500 rear springs

Pete TR7

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I have an original Triumph rear spring from 1977 and an aftermarket spring I have bought about 8 years ago.  The aftermarket spring is showing signs of age so I took the 1977 spring apart and fitted new insulation pads etc, last weekend I rmoved and dismantled the aftermaket spring, the insulation pads have all but disintegrated and its fairly rusty but could be cleaned up and put back.

But I noticed a big difference between the springs, the bottom leaf on the original spring is concave in its relaxed state, on the aftermarket spring this leaf is dead flat, anybody know why?

I am thinking the original could be softer and the aftermarket uprated although it was not bought as uprated.  The 1977 spring came off a spare car I had that was beyond repair.

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