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Not used personally but seem to get a good look in as a decent budget tyre, depends what power you will be putting thro them, if its loads then i would expect them to be not very good.
Have a look on here for tyre reviews, this is the report on the Nankang NS2:


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ferny wrote:
I've never seen a nankang tyre, and I look at a lot of tyres (probably over 700 hundred in the last ten days)!

I've just sorted out 2 to fit to my Mk2 2000, you should have said.

Best I describe them in case you come across any and can't identify them., they are round and black.

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Will only be running around 130hp and 160nm so not a lot of power, just wanted something better than currently on the car as it does have a tendency to wash out and under steer a lot.

Was looking at Toyo T1-Rs but having just had a drive shaft snap and having to shell out £150 for a new one the purse strings are a bit tight now, that's where the Nankangs came in as they looked like a decent budget sport tyre.

Just ordered 4 so fingers crossed they're alright. :)

Mr Rosso, unfortunately couldn't find any Yoko's in my size as they seem to get a good write up.

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