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Can anyone tell me what these would have originally fitted?


I was given them with my 1360 so would like to know if they'll fit without any messing about with spacers, etc.

Tyre wall states 205/70 SR13.


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They are KN wheels, possibly the "Jupiter".  Were available after market for a number of fittings and were quite common on things like Caterham 7s.

With 205 tyres on they are probably 6" wide, just possibly 5.5".

Whether they'll fit the Herald depends on whether they have the correct bolt patter/pcd and what the offset/ET is.  I have 6" wide wheels on my Vitesse which are ET13 and a pretty much fit with 175/70 tyres.  I had similar on my old Herald (KN Mercurys) which sat out just a little further so I had to stick with 165/70 tyres.  There's no way you'll be getting the 205/70 tyres in the arches.


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10492 wrote:
Got that Spider.

Looks a nice motor but the fella looks like he's been photo shopped into the pic!

I can assure you that is Keith Dandridge, the previous owner, I do have to agree it does look photo shopped though.

On a more important note is there any further news on Keith's condition?


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