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TR6 wheels on MkII S


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Wheels are a straight fit but you may experience arch clearance problems on the back.
I did with my pi and 195/60 tyres.
Its to do with the offset of the wheels, which although only 6x15 do have a lot of dish on them.
I have some 6x14 wheels with 195/70/14 tyres and they dont touch on either car.


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TR6 steel wheels on a Mk2 is a bit like playing Russian Roulette, only very occassionally do they fit.

They hit the arches on the back as teh offset is wrong. Even with very skinny tyres.

You could fit Mk1 rear suspension of course.

There will now follow a chorus of Mk2 owners who have done it without any issues what-so-ever... :-)



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