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New wheels are on (offset stagger/fitament)


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Finally got the fronts in from the slow, slow boat from australia. Like 6-8 weeks....in this modern world of air freight???

A few shots of the new wheels and some info:
- Wheels are 14x6 Superlites
- Tires are 185/60/14 Sumitomo HTR200
- Front wheel offset is +26, which brings the outside edge of the tire flush with the side of the car. I did this offset to avoid the wheels sticking out and looking odd, and also for handling purposes. As you can see in the pics, they clear the suspension and brake lines at full lock, and do not foul the inner wheel well unless you're at full lock and pop over a curb or something.
- Rear wheel offset is +12, which just clears the inner shocks (rotoflex rear with a 3/4" lowering block). There is very minor rubbing on the inner lip of the fender on large bumps right now, but I will roll the fender slightly ad that should take care of it.

I think this offset combo looks ideal (as to 14" wheels on a GT6). But the change in track widths f/r, from my tossign the car around in an open lot and on the woodland roads today, appears to really settle down the car an give it a more neutral handling attitude as compared with before (13x5 replicas, all 4 same offset). Of course, the 1cm more tire width helps too.

ok, some pics:

at full lock

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ferny wrote:
Looks good. They've got a decent dish on them too which helps. Car seems a little high though. New bushes which haven't settled yet?

that may be one thing, but I also had it jacked up to put the wheels on and only drove it up the street and back before taking the pics, so they probably need to settle again. It's also parked on a sloped driveway which changes the stance a bit.

I have adjustable seat spax up front so I still need to tweak it a bit. In the rear it has a lowering block so it is definitely sitting lower than stock int he back. With 2 people in the car the back wheels are tuckng up a bit, actually.

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