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And now the clutch !


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I bought a complete "new old stock" clutch at Stoneleigh and as you all must know and probably getting fed up of my ongoing saga
Since fitting the above clutch it's endured 15-20 of ticking over and a 1/2 mile drive.
As reported there was a knocking sound that suddenly started but it disappeared when the clutch pedal was pushed down.
I checked for end float and found about 3-4 mm so I've just had the bottom end re done,the crank was knackered and I've had to have a spare crank re ground and the end float has now been sorted.
Today I collected the bottom end from the machine shop and I started to fit it up.
When I got to the clutch I've discovered this.
I now the end float had to be fixed but I think the knocking my have been this

I have been told that the blue paint means it's been refurbished,so it's not "new old stock"

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The centre spline of the clutch driven plate is intentionally free within the structure. It's attached to a separate plate that you can't see, which is only held in place by springs, hidden under the bulges in the bit you can see. This allows it to take up shock loads without transmitting so much NVH. As Alec says, that tiny bit of play is probably absolutely fine.

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