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Solid versus toothed fan belt

Andy Flexney

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Just received a fan belt from Chic Doig for my TR3a and instead of delivering the solid type as shown in the picture they have delivered a toothed type.

My experience of using toothed wide fan belts is that they “sing” which can become annoying during long journeys. Does anyone else have this experience or is it perhaps my set up? I am running a wide fan belt with an alternator and standard bottom and water pump pulleys.

Yes I have already checked and the pulley are all in line with each other.


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Funnily enough Andy I have a spare toothed belt, shipped very promptly by Chic Doig just before I left for the 10CR (super service). I have a non-toothed belt on the car at present but have used  a toothed one in the past and did not notice any increased or different noise as a result.


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Or spray it with WD-40!
People think that WD-40 is some sort of super-lubricant, and that it will make the belt useless by causing enormous belt-slip.
In fact it isn't a good lubricant and stops fan belt squeal instantly and permanently, without making it slip.

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