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is my water pump knackered?


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Hi all
just got around to stripping the water pump. all looks good, even the thermostat still works.
eccept this bit:

the "inner ring" which surrounds the impeller I think, looks like a tin worm mouse has been at it, see the pic above. does this mean the pump is knackered, or does it not matter? I don't want to strip it all down and repaint, if it is.

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its a relatively crude pump I dont think a small  zone  missing will make much effect .clean it up and use a good quality antifreeze
dont use pink if blue has been used  never intermix the two types .
  these housing are available from triumph scrapies   if you are  unhappy or  concerned then get a replacement

    but it wouldnt concern me to refit it , its in a known state , maybe something to do much later on when your at a loose end


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