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tappets and timing


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i have a 2500engine in my spitfire and its sounding a bit tappety and is in need of a bit of a tune up, the problem i have is only having the workshop manual for a spitfire and have no idea about the clearance and order to do the tappets in and any details for checking the timing, can anyone help? also any useful hints and tips will be welcome as this will be the first time i attempt to set the tappets on a 6 cylinder engine
thanks guys

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Hello Matt,

it does follow the rule of 13 as Clive says but you can adjust two valves at a time.

From the workshop manual,

Adjust                        Valves open
1 & 3                           10 & 12
8 & 11                          2 & 5
4 & 6                           7 & 9
10 & 12                        1 & 3
2 & 5                            8 & 11
7 & 9                            4 & 6


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thanks guys i really appreciate the advice, going to attempt it tomorrow night with a friend, sadly i know very little about what has been done to the engine so i have no idea if the cam is 'performance'
also what advance/retard should the timing be set to? we are trying to get all the basics sorted before looking at the carbs to try and get the engine nicely tuned in

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