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Weight of six cylinder engine & box?


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the 2000 and 2500 engines weigh the same

about 450lbs

vitesse gearbox weighs about 17kg

od vit weighs about 20kg

big saloon non o/d gearbox weighs about 25kg

ditto o/d about 30kg

nb the big saloon flywheel weighs about 30lbs, the gt6 flywheel about 19lbs

so there is a bit of difference between the 2000 and 2500 engine weight, but its only about 5 kg

does this help?

why you want to know anyway, got some secret home brew project on the way??  or wondering about sending an engine and gearbox through the post?????


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More seriously the 2500 crank is heavier than the 2000 crank ( I think about 20lb's) due to the throw.  Also the 2500 head is heavier than the 2000 due to the greater height. The 2.5 pistons are lighter than the 2000 pistons. I cannot think of any other differences, apart from manifolds, carbs, fuel pumps etc.

The Kerbside weight of a 2000 MKII saloon is 1175kg a 2500 MkII Saloon is 1255kg. But that would include differnces for items that are Optional on the 2000 and standard on the PI.

Chris Witor would be the Guru to ask?

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