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hi all just wondered if any of you knowledgable guys out there can help??
the engine on my 78 spit 1500 is not the original as the po installed a new engine but the engine seriel number does not match to any of the prefixes on the triumph websites can anyone tell me where i can get info on the engine just by having the seriel number

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timmsy wrote:
the number is RTC2459R 204043 any ideas guys ??

That's not the engine number.
I'd venture that RTC2459 is a part number, as is 204043.
RTC2459 looks about right for a recon engine number, ie it describes the type of engine, rather than being the unique identifier for one specific engine.

The engine number is stamped on a boss on the LH side of the block, below sparkplug number four.


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Yup, FM block is the big bearing block. Can also be used for 1300's (the later ones) as I recently discovered............

The new block sat at the end of my bed however does not yet have a number, although is the same block.

Oddly enough, there were no RTC numbers that I remember finding on my engine, and I know it was a recon gold seal engine!

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