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Seal under chrome


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Slightly surprised no one has responded to you before Matt, and seem to recall a discussion on this or something similar a while back, but probably like me, you can’t fight your way through this new site to find it.

I believe the original sealant was Expandite Seelastic SR 51 or possibly M1 mastic, but I doubt  that exists anymore.  I’ve just used a generic black non-hardening windscreen sealant, also used for guttering, though I can’t recall the brand. I don’t think it’s crucial though, just something that stays flexible, doesn’t harden and isn’t silicone. 

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Hi Matt,

            if your 'chrome' capping is like the TR4 - 6 versions then it is bright Anodised on Ali (previously Brass)

Looks just like Chrome but goes on Ali a lot easier.

Moss - Europe sell a decent sealant  for windscreens etc used for this capping


Make sure all the rivet & bolt holes have a bead around their periphery otherwise the windscreen frame fills with water





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