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door window seal aaarrrggghhh!!!


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Does anyone have any tips on how to fit the outer seal on the door window, i had to replace mine before i put it on the road almost 2 years ago and could not get it to fit right, almost 2 years on and i am still trying, without success to get the damn thing to fit, it is on and the clips in place on the last 6 inches each end, but the middle bit i cannot get the metal clips over the rubber, it is like they are either 2 mm too short or i need to remove the glass,

any ideas as its really starting to annoy me...... >:( >:( >:( >:(


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the best fitting clips are the green ones. some sold are to closed up to spread especially as the repro seals can be thicker than the origs..
we use a peice of sheet  metal folded at the end to hook and retain the clip
poke it thro' the glass gap
with six pairs of hands , press seal down  and start clip to engage the door flange and the seal
take a short peice of timber and press down above the seal clip, and whilst pulling up with the clip tool give the wood  a light hammer and this will knock the seal well down into the clip as the impact raised the clip up the door flange.

always tie a cotton lead to the clip then when it flies off you can retreive it from inside the door, cut the cotton off when finished


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