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My drivers door window is a bit wobbly a long time .. but it begin's to be annoying  :B

So looked a bit better just from the top .. it seems to be that the window is a bit loose in the channel itself  :-/
i've seen i maybe can get the channel & glass out without taking the waist seals of  :P

I've got the rubber that hold's the glass in the channel .. not is it easy the fit the glass into the channel ?  :)

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PaulB wrote:
Wow, that's smart..
What type of unit is it?

I bought it of ebay in germany


It's for 4 doors .. so i cut the wires of that i don't need. I bought this kit because of the remotes (a bit nicer then the plastic ones )
If  you look after central locking kit on ebay you will find them also in the uk  ;)

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