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Efi Conversions


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I read an article in Classics Monthly over 18 months ago concerning an electronic fuel injection conversion to a TR6.

The company supplying the equipment went by the name of EFi Conversions. (www.eficonversions.co.uk)
i have tried unsuccessfully to contact this company, even sending emails asking for details.
Their website is still up and running, but gives no contact details other than the email enquiry address.

Does anyone know of this company; whether they still exist or have experience of contacting/dealing with them?

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NOt come across that particular company before but all the references on the site seem to be 4 or 5 years old.

Their pics look suspiciously like my home-brewed PI conversion - not that there is anything wrong with that.  The PI conversion made more power though.......

Lots of ways to skin this particular cat


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I saw their stand at the first TRR Harrogate International, they had an engine demo and there was also an owner there who had the conversion done on his own car. I think he was pleased with it, though was having low speed running issues - but he suspected this was because he had the flywheel lightened, not the EFI. Can't remember his name but he had put a lot of effort into his car's engine bay, making bespoke brackets for things and it looked a really neat job.

The manifold they make is a really neat job, with conical shaped inlet runners, though from what I remember it was also a lot of money.

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Thank you for your responses.

I was looking at this company as they seemed to offer all the necessary parts as a package that had been tried and tested.

There do seem to be other companies offering all the necessary kit and can perhaps also offer to fit and set up.  I will do some research.

My car was converted from PI to SU carbs early in its life, although I do still have the PI parts.  
I just thought that if I was going to return it to PI, I might as well use some modern technology.

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