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which parts could be used for EFI?


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It will have a zetec. Engine.  So the injectors are a different type to normal and  mount into a sandwich plate that bolts between the head and the manifold.  It also incorporates the fuel rail and fuel pressure valve into this casting so are no good for anything other than a zetec.    The fuel pump is mounted inside the tank so of very limited use.   The throttle body is quite a big casting that also incorporates the idle valve.  So in my opinion no use either.  There are better throttle bodies out there for pence.  

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My advice having done EFI would be fit the parts that are best suited to what you want to create, not the ones that just happen to be conveniently sourced. Otherwise what's the point of spending all that time/expense on it to still be left with loads of compromises?

As Paul remarked about the throttle bodies, most of the hardware can be sourced via OEM items off scrapped cars for little money, especially if you're in no rush and can afford to sit waiting for ebay bargains. It's primarily the ECU and all the little plumbing & electrical components that tend to make it expensive.

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