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TR7 Rims; suitable for tubeless tyres?


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Hi All,
my daugthers TR7 is equipped with the original steel wheels. Among other sources the workshop manual states "tubeless tyres" can be fitted. My friendly tyre shop refused to put tubeless tyres on the rims because the rim has no hump. Who is right: the workshop manual or the tyre fitter?


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Typical. The car had tubeless tyres, they can be fitted. In fact ALL spitfire/herald etc wheels are like this, and I wouldn't run tubes in them either.
This seems to be a problem with numpty fitters, go elsewhere.

Besides, you shouldn't fit tubes to tubeless tyres. They usually have ribs on the inside which can damage the tube, so ask if they have tyres that require tubes! On the other hand, just go elsewhere.

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Don't quite agree there Clive.

If the rim is not suitable then it needs tubes in - even with tubeless tyres.

Having said that, I can't imagine by 1976 even BL were sending out cars with tubeless tyres on wheels that weren't suitable.

IN fact here is the 1976 brochure and it clearly states tubeless tyres as original equipment as well as the car having "safety ledge rims".  So if the car has OE rims there should be no issue fitting tubeless tyres.

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Ok, but what about all the spitfires etc. None of those had the bump, and I believe MoT man isn't keen on tubes in tubeless tyres.
Looks like we should all be getting new wheels, and that just isn't likely.

Besides, I would much rather risk the tyre rolling off the rim than having a tube, they really are nasty when they get holed.

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The original steel and alloy wheels don't have the hump on the inside of the rim seen on rims today ...
Both wheels are from late (Solihull built) TR7's, (the steel wheel is banded hence the welds)
And I haven't had a problem with tubeless tyres on a TR7 ...

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I had this very discussion about 15 years back with my very local tyre place (now gone). Trouble with tubeless tyres is that they have ridges on the inside walls which rub holes in the tubes....... doesn't take all that long either.  That is the only time I've ever had problems with tubeless tyres on non-safety ledge rims - when I put tubes in them - and that wasn't my idea!  The tyre place got feedback (oh yeah!) and never gave me any more hassle on that matter!

Even without the safety ledges the tyres will not come off when properly inflated - I guess the risk is much increased if already going down due to a slow puncture.


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