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This evening i looked at the fluids, was a long time ago that i opened up the clutch master !
The cap rusts on it, so hard to remove !

My surprise, i could nearly see the bottom  ??) ??)

Filled it up to the top, everything worked as usual.
Had a look via my inspection panel in the tunnel, seemed the slave was dry (but i know they can leak inside the bellhousing).
Master was fine also, no leaks, even looked inside at the pedal area.

Soooo, the plan was to buy one ages ago as spare.. but never done it !  :B
Even this week i've ordered 2 times from paddocks and again forgot it ! :B

Now looking on the internet and found this one, are they any good? and does anyone know if he sells the copper line for a LHD spit also ?
Or have a flexi line, seen that mod before ..
I can guess they are all the same ... :)

And i've heard from the seller on here also  ;)

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I've been looking for a copper line from my brake master to my slave ..
Paddocks only sell the RHD kit it seems.
Do they fit on a LHD car also ?  :)

are there the right unions for the clutch hydraulics ?  

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