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Clutch Master Alternatives


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The clutch master cylinder seals have finally given way on my MKII PI Estate. Before I attempt a repair kit re-seal, or spend £125+VAT with Chris Witor, has anyone had any success with alternative new cylinders?

I was thinking about something like this? The bolt spacing looks correct, but  it's whether the body will clear the servo.


I suppose the other option could be a Stag master cylinder.

Any advice appreciated.



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I can confirm the Girling shaped cylinder fits a treat, before and after pics attached. I only had to file the tiniest amount off the bulkhead to allow the cylinder to pass the servo at an angle, it must have only been 10 or so brushes with a file.

The 0.75 bore It has given me a heavier clutch, but that's not also helped by the fact I put a 0.75 slave on last year. However it's not unbearable, but I might swap for a 1inch slave later.

Interestingly, I never seem to have a problem bleeding the clutch on a 2000, even with the Lockheed cylinders. My method is :

1 - Undo slave bleed nipple, just enough so the fluid is dribbling out.
2 - Pump the clutch pedal once.
3 - Top up reservoir and watch it slowly drain.
4 - Run round, lay under car and tighten bleed nipple before the reservoir runs out.

Thanks all for your input.

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Photo! I have changed the brake masters to Alcon twin adjustable bias set-up, so no servo. I think it will fit with a servo in place.

Top of my head total cost of master, stainless line and a clutch slave (Nissan, due to the RB25 being fitted) was around $130NZD.

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