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1300FWD cranshaft oil deflector ...


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It was a nightmare to take the pulley off ... real nightmare, the bolt came easely but the pulley was super stuck ! I had to make a special tool.

Anyway, I took it off mainly to change the oil seal, I planed to change the chain and gear in the same time but they were in good shape (much less than 1/2" of chain deflection, good tensioner too).
That confirms that the car mileage is probably 50000km and not 150000km.
So I didn't change the chain and gear because "don't fix it if it is not broken".

BUT I still have that "tak tak" noise when hot coming from the chain cover area ...

I've notice that the oil deflector is specific to the 1300 fwd : a sort of strange ring that doesn't look at all like the Spitfire small crank deflector, and doesn't seems to secure the gear correctly

Can the noise come from a little play of the cranckshaft gear ? can I use a Spitfire deflector ?


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I would expect there to be a compression washer on the late ones, with the tapered pulley. On the RWD cars with non-tapered pulley, the big nut/bolt tightens down onto the timing gear, so it's well and truly locked in place. With the taper, it's essential that the nut tightens the pulley/ring gear only onto that, so something else must be provided to clamp the timing gear.

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Thanks for the answer !
Mine is a later tapered type (know that form the effort it took to take the pulley off) and I do not have compression washer to hold the gear firmly in place ... hence the "tak tak" noise I now presume.
The thing would be to find the missing part orto put a Spitfire oil deflector an d then built a custom compression washer ...

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HI Gilles,

Yes as you've found out the later cars with the tapered pulley don't have the oil thrower between the pulley and the camshaft drive sprocket, but the compression washer that replaces it is very important, without that washer the sprocket drive key will wear quickly and may also damage the keyway in the crankshaft.

Unfortunately the compression washers are no longer available (that I'm aware of), but I'm sure making something suitable should not be to difficult.


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hi Gordon !
Is there only one compression washer that replace the oil thrower ? from the manual (that is 100 km away at the moment) I thought there was another oil thrower AND a compression washer ... ???
I've got only a sort of compresion washer that doesn't look very effective as it can be turn arround the woodruff easely ...

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Gillies, sorry for the slow reply (Busy week)

Would it be possible to re-corrugate the washer. A new 1500 washer I have here, measures 3.6mm thick. Whats the gap between the pulley and the sprocket when tightened up?
Unfortunately the 1500 washer would be no good on a 1300 as it's a larger diameter

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Delrin may work, but I'm not sure if it would maintain it compression over time, especially with the heat involved.  I had the idea of making something similar to the compression washer but in titanium as it's naturally springy stuff. But I never seem to have the time to make stuff these days 🤔

Meanwhile I found the service bulletin for the 1300 crankshaft update

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