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Oil feed pipes and outrageous oil consumption

Darren Sharp

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Hi Guys I know this has been debated before but I would just like to add my two peneth worth .

During the RBRR I kept a religious eye on my oil level and used over ten pints! Strangely I only used Oil on the Motorway sections and none at all on the less strenuous bits.  So none at all in Scotland or Wales despite the large hills and racy bits. It is clear that when the engine is working continuously hard, the spray from my rocker oil feed was being sucked straight from the Rocker box vent into the carbs and out the exhaust. ( This was also evident in the vacuum vent tubes and blue smoke that only exits during the over run on the Motorway

I have today removed the damn thing and will report back after the next testing run.

I should point out that this engine has just been rebuilt and has no valve or piston ring issues as far as I am aware. It did not overheat at all and never missed a beat.

Food for thought

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I wonder about this. Some years ago I decided that I could make an oil feed to the rockers far cheaper than the suppliers were asking. I used copper tube and made my own fittings. The only thing I did differently was to put a restrictor in the fitting which I tee'd off from the oil pressure switch tapping. From memory about 3/32". never have had oil consumption problems and yes, oil is still getting to the valve gear !

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