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Help with oil change


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Synthetics will cotain detergents, but so will any modern oil (except the very cheap ones with no specification)
However they tend to be thinner (5/30 etc thesedays) so will leak more readily and as above likely to be low on the additives our engines need. There is also a valid point that they may loosen up th ecrud in the engine (every triumph engine I have had the sump off has hade a thick layer of gunge, this doesn't happen with modern oils, but equally you don't want it suddenly washing around the engine)

I like the comma Europa, a 15/50 oil with higher levels of zinc and phosphorus than their "classic" range, hold oil pressure better too. Plus I pay £12 a time ;)

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It was about £14 from a motor factor. They had classic oil but it was fully synthetic and I thought that would be far worse!

I have just bought the car and want to do an oil change. Not going to get much use over the winter anyway but this has to be better than the black rubbish in it now!

I'll check what the bottle says.

Thanks for the help.

Love Daz

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