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I'd have thought it was the other way round - clean and flush the cooler, but replace pipes as they may be suspect. The oil filter will need to be one that fits - I'm not being funny, but it needs to be a tight seal and of course the correct size and thread. You may need to experiment with a few or confirm the size your take-off is and see what everyone else uses. It won't be that rare, I used MAHLE OC235 filters.
As for fitting - my GT6 had one years ago, slung between the front chassis legs. To be honest I don't think it ever came on that much as I never drove so fast that the oil got really hot enough to open the thermostat... the photo shows how it was mounted, fully exposed as the car was stripped for restoration. It was a 13 row cooler so the lower half hung beneath the front cross member and got a good enough air flow.

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