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engine oil leak


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Whilst my gearbox is out the car for a rebuild, I am considering fixing that oil leak at the base of the back plate that I have.

Obviously, I will need to un-mount the engine and reove the back plate but is it possible to do this without having to lift the engine out of the car completely?

Hope some ingenious individual has done this succeasfully??

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It shouod be pretty straightforward. Remove the clutch, then the flywheel and then the plate can be unbolted. The tricky bit is stopping the engine from turning when you try to undo the flywheel bolts. A screwdriver between one of the ring gear teeth and a bolt in the rear of the block is my way of stopping the engine turning.

You can remove the crankshaft rear seal housing to replace the seal - oil it before refitting, so it doesn't start dry. Also, check the rear camshaft plug, as that might be the source of your leak.

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JensH wrote:
And do check copper washer on top of the rear crankshaft oil seal housing :-)
(same goes with the bell housing/gearbox)

Tell me more !!  I am in the process of rebuilding the engine of my 2ltr Bond Equipe, reground crankshaft and converted to unleaded.  I did notice a copper washer on one of the Rear crankshaft oil housing bolts so this explains it.  Where about is the Bell jousing/gearbox one?  I have replaced the output seal as there was a leak in the bellhousing.

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