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Opening oil channel 1500


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Hi guys,

I am stripping down my engine for a bore/hone job. While doing so I want to remove all bolts and setscrews in the oil channel right
above the oil filter. In the front and the rear there are two setscrews which seem vey tight. Any experience in the group to loosen them? Also, there seems to be a special bolt in the oil filter area. I assume this also need to be removed?

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I agree with Nick.  When I did mine some of the larger hex plugs were very tight, almost to the point where I wondered if they would ever come out. They did after a bit of effort.

While you are doing this it is worth considering taking the distributor drive bush out as well, so that you can fully clean out the oil gallery along its whole length. Taking the bush out also gives you access to the the centre main oil feed to the crankshaft. On mine, this (and the other two as well) were very clogged with hard gunge which would never have washed out. I cleaned them out with a long 1/4" drill bit from the gallery and also from the bearing shell housing, as the oilway is doglegged. The distributor drive bush can be pulled out using a length of studding with suitable washers and nuts, and  be pulled back in by the same method. Be careful to note the exact position of the bush before removing it.

I also re-drilled the centre main oilway to 5/16", but that's not everyone's choice.

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