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Wilkinson...Classic car oil


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Went into Wilkinson's earlier to find they now stock this: http://www.wilko.com/car-maintenance/wilko-20w50-classic-car-oil-5l/invt/0342792   @ £16.00

Has the same rating as the one I usually use: http://www.commaoil.com/passenger-vehicles/products/view/262


Any one have any thoughts..?

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I bought 5L of Falcon Harrier 20/50 (a division of Millers Oils Ltd, according to the lable) its classification is APISF,CD, and it was £13 at the Huddersfield autojumble, is this ok for my  Herald 1200?.                                                                                                                                           I already have Millers Performance 20/50 in my Ford X/Flow powered kit car.                                   Sorry to hijack the thread Mazfg.

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have used comma  Â£9  25/50 but its lost its guts when hot , never the best oil psi especially on long fast drives,always  a steady progressive droping    so after reverting to Millers Pistoneze  20/50 thismbrought a complete change back to steady specified pressures in all conditions,   if the zddp /zdpt  are low so it seems  is the oils performance   guess it depends on just how and for what you use your car

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